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What do I get when I work with Silver Lining Apartments?

1. More Time

2. Less Hassle

3. More income

Leverage our Expertise & Local Team 

  • We have expert knowledge of the local short term rental market.
  • Our team is excellent at what we do. This includes cleaning, maintenance, marketing and customer service.

What do we offer? 

Marketing & Listing creation

  • We will create an individualised listing for your property.
  • We optimise and manage the rates on a daily basis to ensure we keep up with demand and market changes.
  • We use an in house channel management software to manage your calendar. This updates instantly with bookings over multiple platforms and avoids double bookings. 
  • We will market your property on various online platforms which means we ensure you get maximum exposure, rates and occupancy levels. 

Guest Vetting

  • We vet all guests using online and offline verification checks. 

Cleaning & Laundry  

  • We have an excellent professional cleaning team in house that ensure we deliver cleaning to the highest standard. 
  • We use hotel quality linen.
  • We replenish each property with toiletries and little personal extras for each guest. 

24h Check in

  • Peace of mind and ease for our guests as they can check in any time of day or night.  

Safety checks

  • Because we care about our guests safety and making sure you rent responsibly, we carry out yearly safety inspections and updates with current legislation.

Regular Property Inspections

  • We know all our flats inside out. 
  • We inspect your property after each guest and we keep on top of all the little things to make sure it's always kept to the highest standard possible. 

Setting up your property

We offer a complete set up service. Simply hand over your keys and we will get your property fully set up and operating in no time.

This can include:

  • Redecorating
  • Full refurbishments - including ordering and building of furniture
  • Dressing the property
  • Professional photographs etc 

Full Management

This is where we excel! Let us take care of everything. 

  • We want to make your life as easy as possible and give you back the time that you deserve. 
  • Allow us to make you money 24/7 while you enjoy some extra time in bed, in the sun or with your friends and family. 
  • Our aim is to maximise your profit, peace of mind, time and enjoyment from life. 

How do I register my property to be managed by Silver Lining Apartments?

If you would like to register your property to be managed by us, please complete our Property Registration form and a member of staff will get in contact with you. 

Alternatively, give us a call to sign up or get more information.