A little Scottish paradise

Would you rather spend a night out in town, or a night romantically walking around the neighborhood? Wake up to chirping birds and walk to brunch on the weekends or  dive into a crazy shopping morning? Be close to the action, or have some space to breathe?

Why choose?

Here at Silver Lining Apartments we LOVE a perfectly sumptuous one bedroom flat especially if it’s just a short walk away from the city center: the ideal solution for anyone who loves to be close to the city but also enjoys a private and quiet environment.

Our apartment in Brunswick Road is the ideal solution for people who are tired of their holiday experience as tourists and want to enjoy Edinburgh as part of it’s community.

The entire area of Easter Road is surrounded by historical pubs, quirky cafes, supermarkets and pretty cobble streets ready to fall in love with.

From a cold draught beer at Middletons, just a couple of minutes from the flat, to a nice steaming coffee from the gorgeous It’s all Good cafe just around the corner, this side of Edinburgh has everything you could want and more. Not to mention the famous and majestic Calton Hill, just a 10 minute walk from this apartment: a place beyond compare for any jogger and yoga fanatic!


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