Preparing for your trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

Here at Silver Lining Apartments, we not only receive regular travellers and holidaymakers but we are all advent travellers ourselves and we know what it’s like taking off on an adventure to a new city or country.

It’s often one of the most exciting yet exhausting and stressful things you can embark on.

So we have taken the time to compile some simple, hopefully, effective tips from our experience and the experience of some of our guests over the years to help you prepare for your journey.

Where to start…

If you are planning or have booked a trip to Edinburgh then there are some things you should know about Edinburgh.

Stairs & Cobbled Roads

    • Edinburgh has a lot of STAIRS! Yes…. stairs….our buildings are old and most of our buildings don’t have permission or even the space to install lifts. Especially when you are in the Old Town of Edinburgh.


  • We have a lot of hills and cobblestone roads, you will always seem to be going up a  cobblestone hill (and when I say hill – I mean a steep road) and coming down a cobblestone hill.

Scottish Weather

  • Scotland is always a bit cooler than most places south of the border and it may be a bit wet. However, without the rain, Scotland can’t possibly be one of the most beautiful green countries in the world. I promise you it is absolutely one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. Especially Edinburgh, it has the most beautiful buildings

How can you prepare for your trip to Edinburgh?

Pack light, ladies especially, make sure you are able to lift and carry your bags up potentially a lot of stairs. It’s much easier to travel when your bag has wheels. (especially the 4 wheels as they tend to move easier rather than having to pull your bags thorugh our Edinburgh Streets)

Pack comfortable shoes, Edinburgh is a great city for walking and our cobblestone roads are not always stiletto friendly.

If you can leave your car, we would recommend you do so, as parking can be a bit of a nightmare and expensive in the city. We have a great means of public transport. Our trams and buses run often and go to most places pretty easily.

Stay warm & dry, pack lots of layers and bring your umbrella or poncho. Scottish weather can be unpredictable and it’s important to make sure you are prepared come rain or shine.

TIP: If you are anything like me and get very cold in winter, I’d recommend packing your slippers and maybe a small hot water bottle for those cold winter nights and cold feet.